OOTD: Comfy in Chiffon


Whenever I wear this dress I feel this insatiable urge to twirl and dance everywhere. Normally I feel more comfortable in dresses that hit closer to my knees, but I really liked the way the longer back on this dress balances the shorter front cut. The chiffon fabric is super light and breathable; perfect for summer! I grabbed my trusty bowler hat from H&M which does a great job at keeping my hair from blowing everywhere when I drive with the windows down. I rarely ever wear heels (I walk way too fast and inelegantly to balance in them), but since the dress is way longer than my legs, I opted to slip on some casual wedges from Target. For accessories, I paired it with a woven bag and a light white sweater (cranked up AC everywhere!) I got from a local thrift store a few years ago.

It’s August today–can it really be? I have a mere 25 more days until orientation, and there’s still so much to do that my head throbs to think about it. Before heading to camp this weekend, I’ll be running errands, packing, picking up some more things for my dorm, and hunting for a bedspread! Long day ahead.

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