Casual Chic

Whew, it’s almost Friday! This week has been packed with exams, problem sets, and essays. I cannot wait to go home for Thanksgiving break to see my family, friends, and Maya (the pup!) for the first time since I’ve gone off to college. Though it’s been an exciting couple of months, I’m definitely ready to cuddle up in my own bed and enjoy a day (or a couple) of napping and Netflix.

As the weather has gotten colder and colder (it’s been in the 30′s in Massachusetts this week!), I’ve been piling on more and more layers. I recently invested in my first pair of riding boots—they’re warm, comfy, and versatile enough to be paired with virtually anything I choose to wear this winter. As for the rest of the look, I decided to throw together something that felt relaxed but chic at the same time. Often times I have to run to a professional event right after class and don’t have time to change, so I’ll whip up something that works for both occasions. Add some accessories, and violà, you’re golden!



Boots: Bandolino “Carlotta” boots // Bag: Asos (similar here) // Sweater vest & necklace: Forever21 // Button-down shirt: NY&Co. // Lips: NYX  “Perfect Red” lipstick // Watch: thrifted

Life Updates Told Through Instagram

What a crazy semester so far! With so much new freedom and an ever-growing list of things grabbing at my attention, freshman year has been overwhelming, challenging, and wonderful all at the same time. Every day I’m reminded of how lucky I am to receive an education, have access to all these new opportunities, explore new interests, and have the chance to be curious and make mistakes. I feel so incredibly blessed.

Here are some updates from my life, as told through Instagram, when I don’t have the chance to write full blog posts!

Fall Break in the Big Apple

It hurts to think of how terrible I’ve been at keeping up with my blog since college started. To be honest, between classes, studying, spending time with friends, working on extracurricular projects, and working part-time as a photographer, any extra time I have is spent sleeping. (Excuses, excuses, I know.) Nevertheless, I believe that late is better than never.

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I spent fall break visiting friends in New York City!

At Wellesley it’s consensual amongst almost everyone that if you stay on campus longer than a week, you’ve trapped yourself in the Wellesley Bubble. Though I make an effort to get off campus at least once a week, during midterms season I was definitely guilty of being too lazy and tired to go into Boston. It was such a wonderful feeling to leave campus for a few days and travel a bit.

After an hour on the train and five hours on a bus (*shudders at the memory*), I arrived at the familiar Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square. Seeing the familiar Hudson News storekeeper’s face, smelling the smells of coffee and exhaust, and hearing the city’s bustling traffic, I remembered how anxious I felt the first time I traveled to NYC alone. Now, the city felt smaller, safer, and kinder. What a difference a year can make.


Yummy Asian deserts at The Spot Desert Bar in Midtown!


That’s my friend Alexia! We became really close through a summer program at Brown University two years ago, but since she lived in California and I lived on the East coast, we weren’t able to get hangout since. Now that she goes to college in NYC, we’re super excited to see each other more often. It amazed me that even after two years, it felt like we picked up exactly where we left off!



Day 1: The first thing I did upon arriving was take the subway up to Columbia University to visit my friend Alexia. We had an amazing time catching up on life, comparing our college experiences, and having lunch at a cute restaurant on Broadway. After she had to leave for her music rehearsal, I took the subway downtown to New York University to meet up with my friend Alyssa. We had dinner at an Asian restaurant nearby, and I swear, I almost fainted upon tasting lo mein for the first time in months.

Day 2: Alyssa and her friend Angela decided to take me shopping Soho! The prices for most of the stores were way out of our student budgets, but it was still super fun to look at all the beautiful clothes on display. I bought some long sleeve shirts, scarves, and coats that’ll definitely come in handy for wintertime in Boston. It started raining in the afternoon, so we decided to have a low-key day. We went to an adorable Asian desert bar, lounged around at Alyssa’s dorm, and made late night pasta!

Day 3: After saying goodbye to Alyssa, I took the subway to Union Station to meet my friend Evelyn, who also happens to be one of David’s best friends from freshman year. We grabbed a quick lunch at the Whole Foods nearby and filled each other in on school and life. Even though it was super quick, I was so glad to see her and catch up! Soon afterwards, I hopped on a bus to go back to Boston.

Bollywood Party

Last weekend, my friends Tanvee and Silpa invited me to go to an Indian Bollywood dance party at Harvard with them. Despite the fact that I knew no Indian music and am terrible at dancing, I agreed. Tanvee’s mom was so kind and sent us two beautiful outfits to wear. When the package arrived, I couldn’t help but gasp at how gorgeous the fabric and beading was. We threw on the dresses and spun around in our room, admiring the way the skirts twirled and twirled.

The night of the dance, the weather was rainy and chilly. We splashed our way across Harvard’s campus to get to the dance, getting our feet and the bottoms of our dresses wet every time we accidentally stepped in a puddle. When we finally got there, we sighed a breath of relief as Tanvee’s friend greeted us at the door. The venue was decorated with Indian fabrics and gorgeous ambient lighting, and everyone was dancing enthusiastically. I was initially hesitant to join in, but my friends dragged me into one circle after another until I learned the moves and felt comfortable enough to dance with strangers. The energy and excitement of everyone there was so contagious that it was hard not to have fun. By the end of the night, we’d our way dancing with almost every circle on the dance floor. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in Boston so far, and I’m already looking forward to the next one!


A Trip to Boston’s Public Gardens

Last week, my friend James (who also happens to be my boyfriend’s twin) came all the way from Philadelphia to Boston to visit me! After weeks of constantly meeting new people and making new friends, it was comforting to see a familiar face. To quote James: “Sometimes you just need a little reassurance that everything will work itself out.” Even though his visit was short, we still had a great time catching up, strolling around Wellesley’s campus, and exploring Boston!

Here are some pictures we took at Boston’s lovely Public Gardens.


Bag: Coach // Dress: NY&Co. // Shoes: Asos // Watch: Quartz (thrifted)


It was so much fun to watch the ducks waddle around and enjoy the last few days of warm weather! I’ll definitely miss seeing these guys.


(Take style cues, boys!)


Leather & Lace

I’ve really been liking outfits in grayscale with pops of soft, feminine color. Pairing tough pieces like jeans and moto jackets along with sheer or lacy tops creates a lovely contrast that works perfectly in fall! My favorite season for fashion is fall hands down because I’m able to mesh my summer and winter wardrobes together to create something that feels just right for the weather on a given day.

This look was so comfortable and incredibly versatile for going to class, attending club meetings, meeting friends for lunch, running errands, doing homework, and taking a stroll around campus.

IMG_0190(See the rugby team?)IMG_0137 IMG_0128IMG_0294 I’m absolutely enchanted by the way vines cover most of the buildings here on campus!IMG_0035IMG_0031IMG_9998IMG_0277IMG_0248

Chelsea boots: Asos (on sale!) // Bag: Target (similar finds here) // Jeans, lace shirt &  rings: Forever21 // Lips: L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm in Plush Plum // Moto jacket: (similar finds here)

Photo credit: Alice Lee

Fall Textures

Wow, the first two weeks of college have flown by! I’ve been making new friends, decorating my dorm, exploring Wellesley’s beautiful campus, relishing delicious new foods, and adjusting to classes. It’s been an incredibly smooth transition so far and I’ve already had so many wonderful experiences here. I couldn’t be more grateful for this new opportunity and the people who have helped me along the way!

The weather here has switched from being suffocatingly hot and humid to comfortable and cool, which means I’ve finally been able to bust out sweaters and pants! The day the weather app read that the temperature was 72 degrees, I shrieked with joy and threw my hands in the air like a little kid. (My roommate only laughed at my antics.) Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season, and I fully intend to cherish every day of it.


Watch, shoes (Hush Puppies), & sweater: thrifted // Jeans & shirt: Forever21 // Nail polish: OPI