A Trip to Boston’s Public Gardens

Last week, my friend James (who also happens to be my boyfriend’s twin) came all the way from Philadelphia to Boston to visit me! After weeks of constantly meeting new people and making new friends, it was comforting to see a familiar face. To quote James: “Sometimes you just need a little reassurance that everything will work itself out.” Even though his visit was short, we still had a great time catching up, strolling around Wellesley’s campus, and exploring Boston!

Here are some pictures we took at Boston’s lovely Public Gardens.


Bag: Coach // Dress: NY&Co. // Shoes: Asos // Watch: Quartz (thrifted)


It was so much fun to watch the ducks waddle around and enjoy the last few days of warm weather! I’ll definitely miss seeing these guys.


(Take style cues, boys!)


Leather & Lace

I’ve really been liking outfits in grayscale with pops of soft, feminine color. Pairing tough pieces like jeans and moto jackets along with sheer or lacy tops creates a lovely contrast that works perfectly in fall! My favorite season for fashion is fall hands down because I’m able to mesh my summer and winter wardrobes together to create something that feels just right for the weather on a given day.

This look was so comfortable and incredibly versatile for going to class, attending club meetings, meeting friends for lunch, running errands, doing homework, and taking a stroll around campus.

IMG_0190(See the rugby team?)IMG_0137 IMG_0128IMG_0294 I’m absolutely enchanted by the way vines cover most of the buildings here on campus!IMG_0035IMG_0031IMG_9998IMG_0277IMG_0248

Chelsea boots: Asos (on sale!) // Bag: Target (similar finds here) // Jeans, lace shirt &  rings: Forever21 // Lips: L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm in Plush Plum // Moto jacket: (similar finds here)

Photo credit: Alice Lee

Fall Textures

Wow, the first two weeks of college have flown by! I’ve been making new friends, decorating my dorm, exploring Wellesley’s beautiful campus, relishing delicious new foods, and adjusting to classes. It’s been an incredibly smooth transition so far and I’ve already had so many wonderful experiences here. I couldn’t be more grateful for this new opportunity and the people who have helped me along the way!

The weather here has switched from being suffocatingly hot and humid to comfortable and cool, which means I’ve finally been able to bust out sweaters and pants! The day the weather app read that the temperature was 72 degrees, I shrieked with joy and threw my hands in the air like a little kid. (My roommate only laughed at my antics.) Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season, and I fully intend to cherish every day of it.


Watch, shoes (Hush Puppies), & sweater: thrifted // Jeans & shirt: Forever21 // Nail polish: OPI

Lusting for Fall

It’s still 80+ degrees here in Massachusetts, but I’m already longing for sweaters and boots. This fall, I’m excited to sport lots of monochromatic looks embellished with hints of color in the accessories. Staples like ankle boots, scarves, large tote bags, and comfy coats are also a must. Here are some beautiful fall pieces I found while online (window) shopping!

fall style picks2

Reversible handbag: NY&Co. // Bangles: NY&Co. // Chelsea booties: Gap // Quilted crossbody purse: Forever21 // Textured woven coat (tan): H&M // Textured woven coat (grey): H&M // Oversized triangle scarf: Urban Outfitters // Notebook: OHNORachio (Etsy) // Belt: Fossil

Dorm Decor: Instagram Gallery Wall

It’s been so fun and exciting to decorate my dorm! I’ve literally been dreaming about this (by that, I mean stalking fyeahcooldormrooms) since the start of high school and now I’m finally making it a reality. I’m still not quite done decorating and there’s still piles of stuff laying around everywhere, but once I get more settled and organized I will post a room tour (of sorts).


Featured: @garypeppergirl, @margaret__zhang, @prepavenue, @songofstyle, @chrisellelim, @feralcreature, @kristina_bazan, @imjennim


So to create this mini photo gallery, I browsed through my favorite Instagram accounts and took screenshots of my favorite photos. I then created another Instagram account and uploaded the screenshots to this new account. While it’s much cheaper to just print photos using a regular color printer, I decided to print these photos on high quality paper through a company called Printstagram. Once I uploaded all the photos I wanted (48 in total), I signed into the mock Instagram account through Printstagram and placed an order. The photos shipped super quickly—I highly recommend this company!

Size: 4x4in

Quality: The photos are printed on matte archival quality paper that has a great weight to it, meaning the photos won’t blow around when your fan hit them them!

Tip: When mounting the photos to the wall, be sure to use a ruler. Use the ruler to leave space between each of the photos and also to make sure the photos are lining up parallel to the wall! Take a step back after mounting every row to make sure everything is spaced out correctly.

As the last step, I purchased these lovely lantern string lights to illuminate the gallery at night.

I’m super happy with how this project turned out. Stay tuned for more room decor updates in the coming weeks!

Summertime & the Livin’ is Easy

PicMonkey Collage

Shoes: Hush Puppies // Shorts and belt: New York & Co. // Shirt: Target // Watch: thrifted

Since taking a trip to Ocean City, Maryland earlier this month, I’ve been missing the beach lots. These tailored shorts were the perfect coverup paired with my white bandeau bikini top, and they made me feel like I was vacationing at a faraway island resort. I’ve been wearing these shorts at least once a week—aside from being comfortable, they easily dress up any otherwise drab outfit with next to no effort. New York & Co. does a great job catering to petite women, and unlike Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, I know I can always walk out with something I’ll love for a long time.

The two leather pieces in this look—a pair of comfy Hush Puppies and my recently purchased watch—were actually both thrifted! What I love most about leather is that it’s a timeless accent that works in every season (sparingly in summer of course). It adds a classy touch that complements any basic, effortless look.

Lastly, I added a b&w block skinny belt to add a cute accent!


A Fresh(wo)man Once Again

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post because I’ve been preparing for college and attending orientation (and I’ll be the first to admit it…I’m full of excuses). Before I left for Wellesley, I visited my boyfriend David for a few days to wish him luck on his exciting adventure of studying abroad in Prague (the capital of the Czech Republic) this fall. People have always been curious about our long distance relationship (it’ll be 3 years in December!), but there’s some truth in the cheesy-romantic-comedy saying: “distance makes the heart grows fonder”. To me, if you and your partner can both grow separately while growing together, the relationship is one worthy of being held on to. (That doesn’t mean we aren’t already counting the days until we next see each other…) But I digress, long distance relationships are something to discuss another time.


[How cute is David's cat Vegas? He's soo fluffy!]

Now that I’ve finally moved into college and the first three days of orientation are over, I have some time to reflect on this transition. I’m only beginning to fully understand how attending a women’s college is a truly unique experience. While our friends at larger, co-ed schools across the nation tell us about the frat parties they’ve attended, the crazy stuff happening in their dorms, and the generally daunting social atmosphere, we’re becoming good friends with the people in our residence halls, chatting strangers up about their goals and dreams, becoming awestruck by our approachable and passionate faculty, having important discussions on self-care, sexual violence, mental health, diversity, gender and sexuality, and community, and celebrating sisterhood. For the first time in too long, I feel like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. I couldn’t be happier, or more grateful for this opportunity.

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 12.02.28 AM

[Me at 2 years old and me now. Location: Boston Commons]

Going into orientation, I wasn’t sure what to expect. How would upperclass(wo)men treat us? How would we react to each other? Would certain groups of people metaphorically “fall through the cracks” in social settings? Would people be ultra competitive about their accomplishments? During the summer I read too many comments on sites like College Confidential and College Prowler from people who were clearly not a good fit for the school. But once I got here, I realized that my worries were silly and only held me back from enjoying everything that is waiting for me here.



[This is my home, Tower Court! Everyday the beauty of the architecture here on campus takes my breath away. Oh, and we also have a gorgeous lake to hike around and paddle on!]

The truth is, sadly, I doubt that many places like Wellesley still remain. (By “places” I mean not the physical beauty of the campus, but the community and the spirit of support and mentorship here.) The number of women’s colleges has shrunk vastly (despite stunning evidence that proves the necessity of women’s colleges) and stereotypes about women’s colleges instantly turn off many high school girls from even applying (Wellesley received less than 5,000 applications last year, whereas MIT, our “brother” school, received nearly 19,000 applications for just 400 more seats in their class).

My biggest piece of advice for high school girls currently navigating through the college application process is really a no-brainer considering I just finished raving about Wellesley, but here it is: open yourself up to the possibility of attending a women’s college. At the very least, make a genuine attempt to research and understand the opportunities they provide before making a decision. Let yourself explore an option that is less taken advantage of.

I hope to see you on campus next year. Let’s go grab lunch at the Lulu and talk social justice sometime.